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Alice&Bob featuring WANDisco

Alice&Bob partners with WANDisco to enable customers to be in command of their data whether you want to start your cloud journey and migrate into AWS, or to unlock all the cloud simultaneously in a true hybrid cloud setup.

Amazon Web Services

AWS Config: what, why and how

When talking about cloud security, and more precisely about security automation, being familiar with AWS Config is a must.

Amazon Web Services

10 easy steps to harden your AWS setup

When building your own infrastructure in the cloud, Security must be the first concern on your mind. On this article I will explain 10 basic steps to increase your security and therefore harden your whole deployment.


Alice&Bob joined #GesundZusammen initiative

Under the heading “Technologies saving lives” the #HealthyTogether (#GesundZusammen) initiative has launched an accelerator program for ideas to combat the COVID-19 crisis.