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Amazon Web Services

AWS re:Invent 2020 Conference is coming

As many other conferences worldwide, AWS re:Invent will take place as a free, 3-week virtual conference this year from Nov. 30 until December 18. Attendees have the choice between keynotes, sessions and trainings in three different time zones.

Amazon Web Services

What Gartner’s new Cloud Management Wheel means to Security

Gartner’s new cloud management wheel shows that security is significant and fundamental, but presents it as a single, non-integrated area.
We strongly believe, in modern and agile operated cloud infrastructures, security should be inherent part of the platform, deeply integrated.


Alice&Bob joined #GesundZusammen initiative

Under the heading “Technologies saving lives” the #HealthyTogether (#GesundZusammen) initiative has launched an accelerator program for ideas to combat the COVID-19 crisis.

Cloud Security

3SF… or ship secure software faster

The relevance of security in product development environments is changing from a subordinated task within the software development lifecycle into an omnipresent element of all phases in modern CI/CD pipelines.

Amazon Web Services

Walking the security master path

Alice&Bob had the chance to follow an exclusive invitation to train modern security championship and learned about security best practices, threat modelling, multi-account strategies, DevSecOps, continuous compliance, security-as-code, secure CI/CD pipelines, and more.