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The Alice&Bob Story

Who we are?

Alice&Bob.Company was founded in August 2019 and had its public go to market in November 2019.

Our founding team-members had been pioneers of cloud computing and big data. The first AWS project of one of our colleagues was 2011. At this time, AWS had roughly 20 services.

In the past, before our time at Alice&Bob.Company we used to delivered mission-critical managed services in Cloud, Big Data and AI to the who-is-who brands in Germany and Austria.

We are technology lovers, geeks, team players, digital athletes, innovators, nerds, hackers, cypto-currency pioneers, enthusiasts, crazy, learners, teachers, architects, passionate, hard workers.

We believe in the power of positive: openness and transparency are some of our core values the company has been built upon. They guide us through our day-to-day work.

Customers value our work, because of our expertise and can-do attitude. We don’t pretend to be different; we are unique. We deliver high quality and a positive working atmosphere.

And this is not just an opinion. This is what our customers say in their feedback forms, rewarding us with a Net Promotor Score of 9.92 out of 10. (Feb 2021) Thank you!

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bold and breakdance.

The founders vision

Today the world is different. It is crystal clear that the power of public cloud services – with its incredible innovation speed – will be the future for all businesses and enterprises who want to safely arrive in the digital age.

To comply with security standards and regulatory requirements i.e. GDPR the age of rapid prototypes ended. Now, all industries aspire to have secure, production-grade cloud production platforms.

The tolerance and grace period for weak security settings due to cloud experiments has vanished.

Mario and Sven founded Alice&Bob.Company to tackle this fact and ease our clients’ security concerns by offering advanced cloud security solutions that protect the integrity of cloud computing environments and data platforms.

Because of previous experiences in working with the “department-of-no”, classic IT security is still perceived as a business blocker. Modern cloud security instead is a business accelerator. Today, security-as-code scales like the cloud itself and leads to continuous compliance.

We are the German first movers in terms of progressive cloud security. Our vision is to securely harness cloud, container and serverless technology, with automation, managed services and consulting. For our customers, for a secure digital future.

Always be

Leadership team

Performance, passion and unconditional customer focus are fueling the Leadership team of Alice&Bob.Company.

The experienced leadership team – consisting of extraordinary talents – has one ambitious goal in mind: With the vision “We shape a secure digital future for organizations and their clients” we are building the #1 company for cloud security.

Mario Apitz

Founder & Co-CEO
Strategy & Vision

Sven Haberhausen

Founder & Co-CEO
Financials & Operations

David Obando

Head of Delivery
Principal Consultant

Sebastian Schäffer

Head of Sales & Marketing
Technology Evangelist

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Sounding Board

When Alice&Bob.Company was founded, it quickly turned out to be a self-fullfilling prophecy, that the topic “Cloud Security” is becoming the evolutionary next step after the Big Data and AI hype cycle.

The founders Mario and Sven invited former professional colleagues, but also long-time friends, to join the upcoming journey of revolutionizing cloud security.

We are extremely proud to have two very experienced executives and passionate entrepreneurs joining our Sounding Board.

Bert Schulzki

Just as our lives are slowly changing to become increasingly digital, our need for security and protection grows, too.

Helping others to cope with this need on the world’s largest application platform is what convinced me to join Alice&Bob.

Roman Mohry

With the growing adoption of cloud technology in today’s world, it becomes crucial for us all to act in a trusted and secure digital environment.

I firmly believe Alice&Bob.Company will make our digital environments a bit more secure every day. That’s what convinced me Iin joining the Sounding Board of the company.

AlwayS dance
on rainbows.

The A&B family