Customer Success Story – AWS Migration

Migrate monolithic server applications into AWS with scaling cloud-native backup strategies

Software & Internet


Vertama specializes in industry-specific digital products for fast and easy data capture. Analog data is digitized and transferred to existing IT systems via APIs. This flexibility and versatility enable Vertama to deliver mobile web applications to almost any web-enabled device. Vertama’s web-based service is now hosted in the AWS Cloud and is scalable. As part of an AWS migration, Alice&Bob.Company supported Vertama during this process.


The cloud platform from Vertama UG has been migrated into AWS using Lift-And-Shift and Replatforming strategies in a multi-account cloud architecture. The applications have been updated and run on EC2-Instances while the databases have been deployed on AWS RDS. AWS Backup service is used for creating regular backups of the application and is stored in AWS S3 Glacier Vaults, while the servers encrypt the data at rest at any time. The backups are encrypted, either. The customer directly connects to the cloud environment using AWS VPN Gateway.

Lift-and-shift, EC2, RDS, KMS, S3 Glacier, VPN Gateway

The new cloud environment is set up and works properly in AWS.

well-architected review

Architectural assessment based upon AWS Well Architected Framework to build the most secure, high performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure possible for your application.


We’ve been the first AWS partner in DACH, focussing crystal clear on Cloud Security. We’re providing cloud security expert advice to C-level executives, management roles, product teams and engineers. We integrate and enable.