security assessment

We assess your AWS infrastructure and give you hands-on resolution consultation

What is a Security Assessment?

A Security Assessment is a detailed overview of the customers cloud architecture, not only pinpointing the negative aspects but also defining clear steps to fix and improve them.


As AWS Advanced Tier Partner, our Security Assessments will always be framed within the security pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework to make sure the best quality is always delivered.

In-Depth Architecture Review
After a secure transfer of credentials, we will conduct an in-depth review of your AWS architecture within the security pillars of the AWS Well Architected Framework. By doing so, we will find the weak points of your architecture grouped into the following categories: Security, IAM, Detection, Infrastructure protection, Data Protection and Incident Response. Moreover, we will also provide you with explanations about how to resolve these security breaches and with recommendations how to strengthen your architecture.

Our teams had very productive collaborations with Alice&Bob. They validated and improved our architecture and design decisions, with a strong perspective on security.
I really appreciate their in-depth technical knowledge and experience, combined with their passionate 'can-do-attitude'.

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A&B security specialist takes over the role of an attacker (ethical hacker) to compromise customers infrastructure and/or application and provides resolution and mitigation measures.

Use this threat and risk based methodology to
identify and evaluate threats to your
digital product. We conduct an agile threat modeling workshop and help you to leverage the outcomes for your product development lifecycle.

gdpr Workshop

This offer includes a training of the management team and product team in GDPR on AWS. Get insights of necessary transformations of your AWS infrastructure into a GDPR compliant state.