Cloud datalake architecture for personal data

Architecting and implementing a cloud based datalake service




The customer is a well-known provider of transportation & logistic services. The company is already successfully migrated to the AWS public cloud.

The organization plans to build new applications for its HR organization. To leverage the power of the AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services to perform, the customer has chosen to create a cloud-based data lake.

To make this project a success, the company must comply with the strong regulations for data privacy to GDPR.

The customer required a high-skilled experienced product owner, understand and shape AWS cloud technology to the customers need, and align with the associated regulatory requirements.


A principal consultant of Alice&Bob.Company joined the customer’s team for more than 12 months, acting as the right hand of the customer’s management.

The A&B colleague supported to get the project started, by building the architecture, ramping up the team, participating and conducting all necessary scrum meeting as the product owner.

S3, Lambda, RDS, EC2, CloudFormation

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The customer has found a long-term ally and outside-in-perspective who supports him in technical and organizational levels with experience, competence and the completion of management activities.

By combining ownership, technology skills and leadership expertise, Alice&Bob.Company’s colleagues provide the client with additional firepower to deliver mission-critical projects on time, quality and budget.

The biggest challenge was certainly to play all the necessary processes and committees, to mediate between the different expectations and not to lose sight of the goal. We have thus created the basis for many new digital products for the customer.


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